We Are Now Accepting Applications

If you are interested in joining the Youth Board and how you can help your community please contact us at bmack@licab.org or apply here.

The Long Island Coalition Against Bullying supports our work through its Youth Board, an enthusiastic and talented group of individuals in middle, high school and college who are passionate and dedicated to combatting bullying in their Long Island communities.

The mission of the Youth Board is to assist, extend and promote the efforts of LICAB through activities such as:

  1. Advising the Executive Director and Board of Trustees on policy making and program development
  2. Creating awareness for LICAB among the larger Long Island community
  3. Connecting friends, families and children to LICAB resources and programs
  4. Helping raise much needed funds to continue LICAB’s existing programming and future program development
  5. Networking with other like minded individuals and gaining experience in nonprofit and team building work

The Youth Board is broken down into two parts: the Executive Youth Board comprised of college age students, and the General Youth Board comprised of students grades 8-12.

The Youth Board offers an excellent opportunity for students and young professionals in helping to make a difference in the lives of their peers – while also gaining experience and having fun doing it!

Meet Our Youth 2023 Board Members

Bryce A. Mack

Bryce A. Mack

Why did Bryce join the youth board?

I joined the youth board to use my voice and story to help other students who have endured bullying. Unfortunately bullying continues to be an issue all across the country and I wanted to be able to play a part in stopping it from occurring

What is a fun fact about Bryce

I am a division 1 athlete and auditioned for ‘The Voice’.

Cody Nelson

Cody Nelson

Vice President
Why did Cody join the youth board?

Two of our victims of bullying in any way possible with the primary objective to curtail childhood and adolescence suicide from a consequence of arpeggiated bullying.

What is a fun fact about Cody

I am pre-law.

Aaliyah Green

Aaliyah Green

Why did Aaliyah join the youth board?

I joined the youth board because I support the cause. I think the work the youth board does others. I joined the youth board as an intern at Farmingdale State College and was glad to hear I can continue. I was bullied in elementary so I know the feeling when you fell you have no one to talk to.

What is a fun fact about Aaliyah

I can binge-watch a show in one whole day. I am a good multitasker and I like to color as it keeps me calm and focused.

Emma Rush

Emma Rush

Why did Emma join the youth board?

To get involved in a good cause.

What is a fun fact about Emma

I love to dance.

Matthew Kopelman

Matthew Kopelman

Why did Matthew join the youth board?

To create ways to improve kids bullying situations, and allow kids to have a safe, welcoming environment to learn that they are not alone, and are always worth something, regardless of what others think of them.

What is a fun fact about Matthew

I play football and I have a chocolate lab named Coco.

Tina Tang

Tina Tang

Why did Tina join the youth board?

My experiences as an immigrant have made me uniquely capable of supporting those who are excluded. I have naturally been drawn to volunteer activities that impact the marginalized, especially through efforts to combat bullying in my community. I joined LICAB because of our shared mission and the opportunity to contribute locally. In addition, LICAB is the largest anti-bullying organization on Long Island, where most families seek help and where I can have the most impact.

What is a fun fact about Tina

I am a die-hard Chelsea FC fan.

Amanda Thurston

Amanda Thurston

Why did Amanda join the youth board?

I joined the youth board because i’ve always had passion in helping others, and I want to help make a difference by educating, spreading awareness, and supporting others who have experienced bullying. To work with a team towards creating a support system for anyone, as well as implementing ideas that can create connections within communities.

What is a fun fact about Amanda

I love to sing and dance!

Ryan Zaslansky

Ryan Zaslansky

Marketing Chair
Why did Ryan join the youth board?

Ryan joined the youth board because as a victim of childhood bullying himself, he wants to work to increase awareness and prevention for bullying on Long Island. Ryan worked as an intern at LICAB over the past summer and is excited to continue his journey with LICAB on their youth board.

What is a fun fact about Ryan

Ryan is a L1-CrossFit trainer and has been an athlete since he was in 5th grade.