Smile Packages

Care packages that are sent to a bullied individual tailored towards the individuals hobbies, interests, personality, favorite things, etc. in an effort to let them know that they are not alone and that they deserve to SMILE. Packages are created based on a request from a family friend, relative, parent, teacher etc. and the requester’s name can remain anonymous if he or she chooses.
Send a Smile Package

Subsidized Therapy

Referral to and financial subsidies provided to a mental health professional within our exclusive network of providers. Speaking to a therapist provides a safe, confidential space where they can process emotions, develop coping strategies, and rebuild self-esteem. Early intervention fosters resilience, equipping them with tools to navigate challenges and emerge stronger.

Through LICAB’s carefully crafted network of therapists and mental health professionals, children and families impacted by bullying can begin their journey of resiliency and perseverance. In addition to providing a referral, the organization underwrites some of the financial costs for the families.

Subsidized Tutoring

Referral to and financial subsidies provided to an academic tutor to make sure scholastic achievement is not disrupted while dealing with a bullying situation. Unaddressed or unresolved bullying can greatly impact academic performance, such as declining grades, less participation in classroom discussions, and increased absenteeism and school avoidance issues. Our subsidized tutoring program allows students to work on their academics while they also address their emotional and environmental impacts.

Karate & Dance Referrals

Subsidies provided to Long Island martial arts and dance schools in an effort to provide individuals with self confidence and an outlet for stress and expression of their feelings in a safe and controlled environment. Karate and dance offer more than physical activity – they build confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. Through disciplined training and creative expression, children gain a sense of empowerment. These activities foster self-assuredness that deters bullying’s impact, helping them stand strong and overcome adversity.