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2022-2023 School Impact

Schools Visited Across 13 Districts

Students Reached

Classrooms Visited

We believe that a supplemental and complimentary partnership with school districts across Long Island is essential to effectively combating bullying in our communities.

Our school partnership program utilizes a custom building by building approach with trainings and workshops for students, faculty, staff and parents that seeks to:

  • Increase the awareness and education related to bullying and its impacts
  • Create a collaborative partnership, NOT a unilateral canned approach
  • Enhance and nurture a positive culture

Faculty & Staff Professional Development:

  • Teachers, administrators and support staff
  • Understanding the power that a single individual has to impact a student’s life
  • Examining and understanding conflict and its relationship and differences to bullying and how to properly intervene and resolve it
  • Tips on creating a closer relationship with students
  • Dignity Act refresher training for faculty and staff as well as for Dignity Act Coordinators

Student Focus:

  • K-12 age-appropriate ‘push-in’ style conversations that favor dialogue and discussion over lecture that with empathy as its foundation focuses on what bullying is and is not, how to identify if it is happening and what to do about it as well as the long-term impacts

Parent Focus:

  • Working with parents to educate them on what bullying is and is not, how they should appropriately respond if they are concerned, and how to properly work with the school to ensure a positive outcome to a situation.

Community Leadership Awards

Award and financial scholarships provided to students within participating districts that celebrates their character attributes and their positive contributions to their school and community.

School Workshops

Age appropriate push-in style presentations provided to students within the school environment.
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