Why do kids engage in bullying behavior? While some children are born troubled and have some diagnosable issues that may naturally create aggressive behavior, bullying is often a cry for help and a sign of more internalized feelings being acted upon in an incorrect manner.

Bullying is a way for children to in a way solve their issues – by making themselves feel better by making others feel worse.

Reasons a Child May Engage in Bullying Behavior

They are having issues at home such as:

  • Lacking attention from a parent
  • Unstable home environment (abusive parents, constant fighting)
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Children who have been allowed to grow up without rules and boundaries at home, will come to expect there is none at school or in the face of others
  • Learned behaviors from those around them (parents, siblings, other friends)

At the end of the day, while their behavior may be inappropriate and damaging, bullies are still children and the behavior is a learned behavior and it can be unlearned. Parents must be open to the possibility if confronted with it, that their child MAY be engaging in bullying behavior and by doing so, will allow them to learn about the struggles of their own child and help them.

Signs a Child Might Be Engaging in Bullying Behavior

  1. Frequent physical or verbal fights
  2. Social circles include friends who have histories of bullying others
  3. Exhibit increasingly aggressive behavior
  4. Frequent disciplinary issues at school
  5. Blaming others for their problems or a lack of responsibility for their action