Statement by Executive Director Joe Salamone Regarding theMass Shooting in Uvalde Texas

“In the week since the horrific events in Uvalde, TX occurred, much has come out about the individual responsible for this violent act. Speculations surrounding the motive include the perpetrator being characterized as withdrawn, isolated and even a victim of bullying. We continue to ask ourselves why events like this occur in our society, and what preventative measures could better ensure the safety of our children.

Taking a hard look at the mental health of our youth should be at the forefront of all these conversations.

While the disturbed individuals who commit these unspeakable acts are few and far between, an acute awareness of the signs of depression, anxiety and bullying – and the bravery to intervene and offer resources to those struggling – is paramount. Too often do we hesitate to take action when alarm bells may be ringing. To love a child is to help a child – especially with their mental health – and there should be no shame or judgment in doing so.

While our thoughts continue to go out to all those impacted by tragic events like that of Robb Elementary, LICAB turns to the Long Island community to consider how we can be proactive in prevention and support of our youth. Our subsidized therapy program stands at the ready to assist children and families impacted by bullying and its impacts with a referral and financial assistance to offset the cost of these services.

If you or someone you know is struggling with bullying, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at (516)777-7709 or by emailing”